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MassbillsMD is a revenue cycle management firm who helps you save your time by taking your billing work so you can focus more on patient care. Our proficient team of medical billers ensure that the claims are managed with precision. Being one of the emerging medical companies in the USA, we always make sure our operations are apt and accurate to your requirements. 

While you take care of your patients, we tactfully manage the reimbursement, credentialing and all types of billing processes to bring you at ease. No matter, if you’re an individual, group or employed, our experts know how to appeal denials and reduce the intricacies with the insurance companies. 

And the best part is our dedication to run your finances and multiply the profit. So, if you’re a healthcare provider and in dire need of financial management services, you can count on MassBillsMD because we believe in making you superior in terms of your services. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, we always ensure that you receive comprehensive services so you can stand tall in the crowd.

WHY MassBillsMD?

Financial Stability – Faster

We help you streamline your billing process to make your cash flow running and give you a great control over your financial performance. By giving you time to focus on the core operations, we let you grow your finances.

Less Chaos - More Gain

It’s time to put your worries aside because we’re here to release your stress by dealing with your unpaid claims. While you focus on your customer care, we make sure you get paid on time.

Just a Call Away

If you think your financial operations are drowning you under the work load, just give us a call and discuss your problems with us. We’ll answer all your billing queries to help you beyond your expectations.

A Quick Audit

Are your practices efficient? Let us check it for you. We’ll tell you where you stand financially and how we can simplify the operations by running a quick check on your revenue cycle. The report will be an eye-opener for you.


Maximizing your Reimbursement

With the ever changing requirements of the healthcare industry, increasing your cash flow is our top priority. For this, we apply quick, advanced and first-class service to make you ahead of other companies. We believe in customized and accurate services to keep you going amidst all the obstacles.

Industry Insight

MassBillsMD healthcare revenue services are adept in analyzing your accounts receivable. Within a short time, we can know where the money is and what necessary measures need to be taken to receive maximum imbursements from the payers. Not only this, if you want to know your pending claims, we’ll also bring it for your convenience.

Consult an Expert Today

Want the billing experts of MassBillsMD to overview your finances and track your billing performance? Connect to our specialist and know all your answers in a free consultation offered by us. Just give us a call at 1 (646) 496-6665 and we’ll tell you the loopholes of your services. A great chance to increase your business revenue, especially when you don’t know where your cash is flowing.

A Few Words About Us

If the billing stress is taking over your life and the cash flow isn’t increasing then you definitely need professional services to release the pressure.

MassBillsMD is a leader in the Healthcare Finance industry who provides comprehensive and cost-effective billing services to American healthcare service providers. We have a skilled team of medical billing, coding, and account management who work on your behalf while following the guidelines and complete work ethics.


Medical Billing

If you’re a medical practitioner, you must know how crucial it’s to meet your target revenue. So, if you’re in trouble meeting your target.

Credentialing and Enrollment

The best medical credentialing can see your business, budget and credibility.

AR Management

AR management services to maintain your financial performance so you can focus more on improving the quality of your care.

Mission & Goals

We make sure that you receive your imbursement fast, without mistakes and in cost-effective manner. 

"We work hard to get our clients and work even harder to keep them."