Clean & Green


Company Introduction

C&G Solutions and Services were established in January 2018 by a group of highly qualified professionals from diversified walks of life including Chemical petroleum professionals, FMCG professionals, and IBA entrepreneurs. The fellows felt the immense need of professional waste handling in the country and wanted to develop an international level waste handling company as a leader in Solutions and Services. This need of the community was transformed into business called “C&G‟. C&G is the more about the green vision and less about just a waste handler.

Our Mission

C&G team is fully capable of executing any environmental need. C&G Solutions and Services provides nationwide disposal management, transportation and other environmental services to industrial, commercial, and government clients.We are a fully integrated company based in Karachi capable of handling any environmental need. We audit and act as an agent for fully licensed and permitted hazardous and nonhazardous waste disposal or treatment facilities, services, and contractors. C&G is one of the few firms in the country providing full-service waste management capabilities

Fueling Your Business

We offer a wide range of industrial fuels which are processed through state of the art refineries.

Chemical Supplies

Barium Sulphate BASO4 API 4.1 & 4.2, Calcium bromide solution etc.


C&G have conducted Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Environmental Monitoring & Auditing

Environmental monitoring during the construction or implementation phase of a project is a common legal requirement.

Construction & Maintenance Services

C&G Mechanical & Electrical services departments take care of installation.

Gas Leak Testing & Purging

Product Line & tanks flashing with Nitrogen gas testing system

Mechanical Services

Hydro testing,Chemical cleaning of pipelines, vessels and tanks etc.

Electrical Services

Electrical switch gears, panel board installation, testing and commissioning.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning for coated and uncoated tanks, E2E tank inspection, alignment, Gas freeing


C&G put strong emphasize on the research therefore, we also usually conduct laboratory tests. 


C&G are also capable to establish a waste segregation system


C&G analyze the hazardous waste and suggest the most cost-effective way.

Our Projects

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Construction & Drawing Rates

Grey Structure

Starting From

RS 1350 /SQFT

Economy Class

Starting From

RS 2750 /SQFT

Luxury Class

Starting From

RS 3050 /SQFT

Supreme Class

Starting From

RS 3450 /SQFT